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Geneva Montano &
Whitney Nichols

Supporting Families Through Birth and Beyond
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Birth and Pregnancy Specialists
Empowering families in the childbearing year
  1. Birth Doulas
    Make sure moms and partners feel safe, supported and special on the day of baby's birth. As birth doulas we support hospital, birth center and home births. Twins, LGBT, Advanced Maternal Age, Cesarean Birth, Unmedicated Birth, and Everything in between.
  2. Postpartum Doulas
    Mothering the mother to ensure a smooth transition for the whole family. Postpartum doulas support new babies and their parents with household help, breastfeeding expertise, sibling care, infant care, or whatever your family needs
  3. Why Choose Us?
    We have over 20 years of combined experience- over 800 births between us, We work as a team- you will get to know us both and glean from both of our expertise at all your prenatal and postpartum appointments. If you need a backup doula for any reason it's someone you already know and trust.
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Our Team

  1. Whitney Nichols
  2. Geneva Montano
Other Services
Please contact us for an interview to find out all the other services we offer. From prenatal massage and Infant CPR to placenta encapsulation.