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Geneva Montano &
Whitney Nichols

Supporting Families Through Birth and Beyond
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Geneva and Whitney decided to join forces as a doula team in January of 2015. It has been a magical time! Our clients have benefited from having both of our knowledge bases as well as time and energy to draw from. They get more prompt responses, more than one viewpoint as they make decisions, and more love and caring from their doula team. 

Both Geneva and Whitney attend all interviews, prenatal appointments and postpartum appointments together. We also offer group prenatal appointments, community nights and movie nights twice per month. Our clients get to choose how many they would like to attend. We beleive in community and hope that our clients will be able to draw not only from our knowledge and expertise, but also that of our other clients, their peers and fellow parents. 

Either Whitney or Geneva will be your primary doula and your main point of contact during labor. However, we encourage you to keep in touch with both of us. There are times that the secondary doula might attend your birth, and times you might see both of us at your birth, depending how things play out. 

As birth doulas, we will accompany you during your birth to help ensure a satisfying birth experience.  We
will help provide you and your partner (if applicable) with emotional, physical, and informational support, help you to communicate your needs and wants to your birth attendants and provide you with education to aide in informed decisions about your birth.  We will work with you through the prenatal period, the birth itself, and 6 weeks postpartum to help you discover and then achieve the birth experience you feel comfortable with. we can provide massage, relaxation and visualization techniques, suggestions for positioning and movement, help with body aches and back labor pain, aromatherapy, music, acupressure, birth ball, rebozo and other client specific needs. We are independent and self-employed.  As your doulas, we work for you, not your caregiver or hospital.

As Postpartum Doulas, our role is to care for the postpartum family and to support bonding between Mother and baby. Our goal is to support you in your transition to motherhood, provide emotional, physical, informational, and practical support. Our priorities are to care first for mom and baby, and then tend to other family members and household chores. We generally split shifts between us after reviewing the desired schedule. We offer non-judgmental support and work to facilitate your caring for your baby in the way that works best for you. 
Geneva has four children and Whitney has three. All seven of our births were very different experiences. Geneva’s oldest was born in 2000 and her youngest in 2009. She has two boys and two girls. Whitney’s oldest was born in 2002 and youngest in 2008. She has two boys and one girl.  Our own births both originated and deepened our desire to help families have a wonderful, positive birth experience.

Geneva has attended approximately 400 births as of January, 2016. She has been a private doula for 159 births. She was a hospital staff doula for around 150 women. She has attended 104 homebirths as a student midwife.
Whitney has attended approximately 400 births as of January, 2015. She was private doula for about 275 births, staff doula for the birth center for about 75 births and attended 67 homebirths as a student midwife.
We have assisted approximately  50 families for between 1 week and 6 months as postpartum doulas.

Statement of Philosophy

We believe that birth is a natural, normal process that will proceed to an uncomplicated end in most cases. We believe in the power of a women’s uninhibited body, mind, and spirit to work together to achieve the amazing miracle of childbirth. We believe every woman has the right to educate herself regarding her pregnancy, birth, and baby, and then birth her baby in the way she decides is best.