Denver Metro Doulas

Geneva Montano &
Whitney Nichols

Supporting Families Through Birth and Beyond
720.422.4214 Geneva
​303.995.3899 Whitney

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    Birth Doula
    We assist couples during pregnancy, labor and early postpartum as private labor doulas. This includes prenatal education, attending families at home in early and active labor, helping to determine the proper time to leave for the hospital, constant support during labor and birth, and breastfeeding.
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    Home Birth
    Both Whitney and Geneva support low risk women having their babies at home. Geneva is also a Certified Professional Midwife, registered in the state of Colorado. For more information:
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    Postpartum Doula
    We assist families for up to six months as a private postpartum doula, providing education and support for them and their newborns, promoting health and bonding for new mothers and their babies. Mothering the mother so she can focus on the new baby has been proven to increase satisfaction and decrease postpartum illnesses.
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    Other Services
    We also offer: Placenta Encapsulation Infant Safety and CPR classes Prenatal and postpartum Wise Womb Massage Breastfeeding Support Childbirth Classes Movie NIghts
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