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Sophie's birth

Shawn & I first met Geneva when she was teaching our childbirth class. We were so impressed with her skills that we decided to hire her as our doula. While some people have a definitive picture of whether or not they plan to use pain medication and interventions, we weren’t committed to either using an epidural or avoiding one for certain, and we felt that Geneva respected our perspective. We met with Geneva a month or so before my due date to become more comfortable with one another and collaborate on a birth plan.
As my due date approached, I had a number of complications, including excessive vomiting and dehydration, and my OB and I discussed options including induction. I felt strongly that I did not want to be induced, and Geneva was very helpful during this time, giving me support and suggestions to get through the last few weeks of my pregnancy. My OB and I decided that rather than induce labor with drugs, they would break my water and see if I would go into labor on my own.
Geneva arrived at the hospital before my water was broken, and was committed to my plan to go into labor “naturally” after that, avoiding the use of Pitocin if at all possible. She had me up and walking, squatting, and changing positions to get my contractions to progress. Over a period of several hours, we walked countless laps together around the hospital. To my great relief, our strategies helped me begin labor without medication. While my OB was not quite as supportive of my desire to avoid drugs and voiced her opinion that I would need Pitocin, Geneva quietly and respectfully advocated for me and fully supported my choices. When contractions finally kicked in, Geneva was so knowledgeable and calming; she knew exactly what to do and say to get me to relax and cope with every contraction. When she sensed I needed something different to either speed up my contractions or aid in relaxation, she
suggested a change: a new position, massage, aromatherapy, increased activity, etc. I found that laboring in the Jacuzzi tub provided the most relief, combined with Geneva’s soothing touch, the scent of lavender, and her extraordinary ability to talk me through each contraction. When I reached five centimeters several hours after labor began, I knew that I would be able to continuing laboring without an epidural. I felt such confidence in myself and in Geneva. The rest of my labor went quickly, as I moved between the tub, the bed, using the labor ball, and standing; Geneva helped me switch positions and interventions smoothly and calmly.
“Transition” proved to be as the textbooks suggest: I panicked, got nauseous and sweaty, and begged for labor to end. I remember looking into Geneva’s eyes and grabbing her hands, and pleading for her to help me. She got me through that very difficult, although short, part of labor, and to my great surprise, I began to push unexpectedly while standing in the bathroom. She calmly but authoritatively called for the nurses and doctors, got me to bed and kept me
from panicking. When the nurses requested that I hold my breath and push to a count of 10, I was shocked. My contractions and need to push were overwhelming, and Geneva assured me that I didn’t have to follow their guidelines and I could trust myself. She said the most incredible thing to help me through the challenge of pushing, “Your body was made to do this.“ She said it over and over and I made it through; my daughter was born, healthy and beautiful, 15 minutes later.
After Sophie was born, I felt exhilarated and proud. I did something I never imagined I could do. Geneva helped me to realize the amazing things my body was capable of, and renewed my confidence in myself and my body. I would never have made it through a drug –free childbirth without her. She gave me all the support and tools I needed, and she was such a support and comfort to my husband during this time. Having a doula like her enabled my husband to focus simply on supporting me and being there with me, not worrying about what he should be doing as a coach. Geneva stayed with us for a while after delivery, took pictures, checked in on me while I was nursing, and visited us before we were discharged. She also visited us at home after the birth, and helped me relive and revel in the amazing experience.
I highly recommend Geneva Montano to anyone who is considering a drug-free childbirth, and even to those who use an epidural or other interventions. She is calming, confident, professional, nurturing, and inspiring. I will be forever grateful to her.”
-Stephanie S

Greta's Birth:

“My husband, David, and I just so happened to meet with Geneva to go over our birth plan and discuss final details the afternoon before I went into labor. . . 4.5 weeks early!
We were excited and nervous when my water broke and called Geneva right away! She walked us through the necessary steps of calling the doctor, packing my bags, eating, and staying calm. I wanted to labor at home for as long as possible, and didn’t really understand that I was moving quickly. David was in constant communication with Geneva and informed her of the time between contractions.
After we arrived at the hospital, we quickly found out the baby was breech and we had to have an emergency c-section. Geneva was with as we went into the operating room. She kept both David and I calm, as she took us to a happy place when they were performing the surgery. After the surgery, Geneva stayed with me when David went with our beautiful daughter to the NICU.
In the recovery room, Geneva had the scent of lavender filling the room. It was the best – especially after having been in a sterile operating room! When David returned with Greta, Geneva walked me through breastfeeding for the first time.
Even though our birth did not go as originally planned, Geneva made the experience special, comfortable, and positive for all of us. Her knowledge, experience, and peaceful demeanor from the moment we hired her made my pregnancy and Greta’s birth so very special!”
-Ashley F

Ronan's Birth:

“Having Geneva as our doula enriched the entire experience into a beautiful memory that we will always have to cherish. Our first son was born without the help of a doula and it was chaos and our inexperience permeated much of the experience. BUT our second son’s birth was truly magical. The guidance and support of Geneva was crucial to how the birth was paced and if we choose to have more children we will most definitely be using Denver Metro Doulas.”
-Cristin J